Affiliate Athletes


Meet our Affiliate Athletes !

These guys represent the core essence of what Bump 'n roll is all about... They live and breathe the Jiu-jitsu lifestyle, and everything it encompasses. We are super proud to have them representing us in competition, and off the mats.

Adrian Lewis

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South Wales, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Pedro Bessa.

Aaron Pashley

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt & Judo 3rd Kyu.

BJJ Competition Record -Southern Open Gi 2010 silver -Southern Open No Gi 2011 silver -Southern Open Gi 2013 Gold -Abu Dhabi world pro trials Gi 2013 silver -Southend Open Gi 2014 silver -Southend Open No Gi 2014 silver -English Open No gi 2014 bronze -Southend Open No Gi 2015 bronze -MAASIF National Championship 2016 Silver -Southend Open Gi 2018 Silver -All Stars Europeans Gi 2019 bronze -All Starts Europeans No Gi 2019 bronze -Brighton Open No Gi 2019 bronze 

Judo Competition Record (Kyu grade events) -Kent 2015 bronze -Sussex 2016 silver -Kent 2016 silver -Surrey 2016 silver -Kent 2017 silver -Surrey 2017 bronze -Sussex 2017 gold -Surrey 2017 Silver -Kent 2018 silver

Three Pillars Jiu-jitsu      Aaron's Youtube

Barry Rennick

Barry1 Barry2 Barry3

Hertfordshire based Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Purple Belt and SAMBO Brown Belt competitor, also trains Judo and Boxing. Teach's SAMBO and Self defense, and runs Base Monkey SAMBO. 

Base Monkey SAMBO

George Cox

Geo1 Geo2
Gracie Barra Blue Belt, 3 x silver medalist - Devon open 2018 & 2019.

Andrew Feasey

Andy1 Andy2 Andy3

Habrok ambassador, HONEFOSSFG, Gracie Barra Jiu-jitsu player, gojukai fighter,MMA conditioning specialist.

Joe Tanner

Joe1 Joe2 Joe3

Gracie Barra Blue Belt, Fitness blogger, Drummer, biker and Family man.

Tom Baker 

Tom1 Tom2

BJJ Black Belt, Coach at Paraestra BJJ, Head coach of BakerBoysBJJ

10 years Training in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, 5 years Coaching Experience.

Baker Boy's BJJ     Baker Boy's Youtube

Sam has been training in Judo since the age of 6, and has trained Judo and BJJ since the age of 18. Sam is a Judo Champion, and in his last three BJJ comps, has taken Gold at the Somerset open, Silver at the Devon open, and the Blue Belt absoloutes at All Stars BJJ.