Attack The Back

BJJ News, Articles and Techniques.

Gary Savage - Martial Artist and Author

Gary Savage is a 2nd degree B.J.J Black belt under Mario Sukata, Writer and full time Martial Arts coach at Savage M.M.A in Blackpool.

Grapple machine

Tom from Grapple machine is a professional strength and conditioning coach, working specifically with grappling athletes, from amateur to professional level. Check out grapple machines free " Iron grip " program, plus their other great products.

The Prodigy Podcast

Putting a spotlight on the next generation of Athletes and Coaches who are changing the game, and are on the rise.

Roll 2 Recovery

BJJ charity project that helps Armed forces, Police, Paramedics, Firefighters and more.

Mats in the Mountains

BJJ retreat, in one of the best beauty spots in the U.K.

The Online Grappling Community Hub

The Online Grappling Community Hub aims to build an online community which allows people to find, share or create Events, Seminars and Gyms.

Raspberry Ape ( Instagram )

Roger Gracie Black Belt, Daniel Strauss shares his tips, advice and expertise for old school grip, Strength and Conditioning training for grappling.

Strong Athletic Fitness - Strongcast

Strongcast is a podcast about the people behind the personas. We talk to coaches, athletes, fighters and anyone with a story to tell.

Andy Costello - Boxing clever  

Andy Costello is a BJJ and Judo Black belt, and head coach of Project Mayhem M.M.A in Exeter, with a Very interesting story to tell.

Andrew Feasey

M.M.A Conditioning specialist and BJJ competitor.

Bags and Grit Strength Training Club

Bags and Grit is a certified Suples training systems physical club, online training center, and official distributor of Suples Bulgarian bags, and other equipment in Europe.

Fight foam

Protection from skin infections associated withall combat sports and Martial Arts.

Jits Vits

Get your Vits right - Get your Jits right !
High quality vitamins and more for combat athletes.